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Think About This.

“Outrageous,” is what I thought when I first locked eyes on the price of a patio umbrella. You know, one of those big umbrellas to keep the Arizona sun from scorching me?

Smith & Hawken? Forget about it. I checked Pottery Barn. Then Crate & Barrel. When I asked at Home Depot, the sales guy led me to a computer terminal. “$79,” he told me when he looked it up. “Really?!” I said. Long pause. “I could give you 10% off,” he said.

What happened there? He thought I was thinking $79 was a lot. I was actually thinking $79 was a bargain. How many times do we draw that same wrong conclusion?

What does it mean,
"Too expensive"?

Think about what people might mean when they say, "It's too expensive." Maybe the words mean:

  • I don’t have the money.
  • I’m not sure it has value.
  • It’s more than my budget.
  • What am I getting?
  • It’s more than the competition.

How do you find out which it is? How do you overcome the "It's too expensive" objection?


Watch Maryellen in action.




Is she telling you, "I don't have the money?" Or is it something else?