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UpSell Training provides customized training in sales, customer service and social networking. We can follow up your training with mystery shopping and coaching. Contact us about specific programs and appropriate customization.

A Sample of the Content
of an UpSell Training Seminar

UpSell Training Seminars focus on sales and customer service. They're tuned to your business, your staff, and your competitive situation, but we know you'd like to get a feel for what one might include. So, here's just a taste of just one approach to one sales training seminar. And at the bottom of the page you'll learn a bit about a customer service session.

Understanding buying

  • Why do people buy?
  • Why would they buy from you?
  • Reducing the risk
  • Are you selling or are they buying?

Understand the customer

  • Using questions to understand them
  • Understanding their company
  • Being smart by asking smart questions
  • Knowing what they want

Presenting your business in the customer’s terms

  • Uniqueness of your product
  • Differentiating from the competition
  • How much information is too much?
  • Are you on the right track?

Are you and the customer on the same page?

  • How do you know you’re in agreement?
  • Methods you can use to confirm agreement
  • Effective ways to respond to objections





  • Are you getting the best price?
  • How to quote price

Establishing the agreement

  • What's the next step?

Now, a bit about Customer Service training.

UpSell Training can work with your staff to sharpen customer service skills. That includes:

  • Learning the four basic customer service steps
  • Making sure employees know who their customers are
  • Developing skills to use to interact with customers
  • Understanding internal and external customers
We've helped hotels, restaurants, animal hospitals, public schools, and city governments to work better with "customers," whether the paying kind or the "work-with-me" kind inside the organization. We've done basic and advanced seminars — whatever the group needs. Call me and let's talk about how I can help you.

Here's my contact information.

Here's a four-minute video sample.




Okay, we'll say it. An UpSell Training seminar is... eye opening.